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What Is A Virtual Private Server?

A Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a service sold by an internet hosting company that runs it own copy of an operating system that is separated from other servers on the same platform. In other words, you essentially separate your existing hardware into several individual ‘virtual’ servers.  This gives you a super-user level of access in regards to the operating system so that you can install, run, test, and customize programs ahead of time without affecting the original production environment or operating system.

What Can I Do With A Virtual Private Server?

With a Virtual Private server, you can enjoy more technical flexibility to install and delete software, test server side applications, development and testing of monitoring tools, create accounts, determine your preferences of a customized server environment, set permissions, and much more. Because you are still sharing hardware, you get the peace of mind without having to worry about security issues or any server maintenance.

A VPS is a great testing environment for new programs, local backups, re-configurations, hosting your own sites and much more, all while protecting your personal information, online identity, and any data sent. If you have firewalls on your computer, you are only protecting your data and information on that computer, and of course anti-virus software only protects against, well, viruses on that computer. With a Virtual Private Server, you are given privacy and security once all this information and data leaves your personal computer.

Where Can I Get A Virtual Private Server?

There are a variety of hosting services that can provide you with a Virtual Private Server service. In this section, we will take a look at 2015’s top picks of the most reliable hosting services with the best values for their cost.

  • Inmotion Hosting –

This service starts out at a monthly price of just $29.99 and offers marketing-leading VPS hardware, comprehensive management software, and completely free SSD drives and backups. All of Inmotions‘ packages come with  Web Hosting Management software and runs on CentOS Linux operating systems, 99.99% guaranteed uptime, free automatic data backups, and new account specialists available to help new users during setup. With a 90 day money back guarantee and choice of datacenters, Inmotion hosting services gives you complete, unrestricted access to their award winning, top-notch support team 24/7/365 should you ever have any questions or issues.

  • Bluehost

This company is a solid value when comparing performance and price of Virtual Private Server plans. Offering Premium support and unparalleled up-time, Bluehost is a great value with a monthly starting price of just $14.99download (2). Bluehost is endorsed by WordPress exclusively and is their premium choice of hosts. With tons of advantages including speed, premium security, and guaranteed resources , you are sure to have all the power you need right when you need it. Bluehost is a great option for beginners, with one-click installations of the most popular software including WordPress, Magento and Drupal just to name a few, you will enjoy reliable hosting with a top-rated ease of use service to get you going.

  • Mediatemple

This hosting service is a bit more expensive than some, with a monthly starting price of $30.00, but offers managed VPS hosting that is second to none on a performance level. Mediatemple boasts an unrivaled uptime of 99.999%, only enduring a mere downtime of 5:15 per year across all sites. You are not only paying for speed with Mediatemple, you are paying for reliability and premium support standing by 24/7 for anything you may need. One click installations and ultra-fast scalability offer the best value for the investment.

Updated: April 17, 2019 — 9:02 am

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