The Pros And Cons Of Christian Health Insurance

People who have immense faith in Bible are little reluctant in obtaining a regular health care insurance policy. Hence choosing a Christian Health Insurance makes sense for them. Most of the religious Christians trust in the magical power of God in helping them getting rid of different ailment and physical injuries and a health insurance plan delivers a swift blow to their otherwise unmovable belief.

Yet there are many other Christian individuals who believe in the practicality of acquiring a family health plan for their monetary dependency. It is quite easy to find Guarantors who will offer policies in the name of God and Christianity, most of these are reputable, honest and would stand by their words.

But like any other insurance policy you should always be cautious while choosing any Christian health insurance provider. Though we all believe in same god but sadly, the guarantor may not always come out with honest specifications just because they are of same faith or religion.

Stringent Guidelines

Most of the Christian Health Insurance companies have quite stringent guidelines for enrolling to their plans. In order to offer the plans to genuine candidates often the priest/pastors are consulted to certify the Christianity of the applicant. Some of the companies also insist that the individual should be the member of Evangelical Branch of Christianity.

Some of these Christian health insurance companies also have strict rules that member should be a non-smoker, should not consume alcohol or engage in irregular sexual activities etc. In this type of coverage many pre existing ailments are not covered.

Consenting the Belief

However strict the approval may be but to most of the Christian family obtaining a health insurance policy through a well certified Christian health insurance company, sounds the most satisfying option which brings immense peace of mind. In such case they do not feel guilty of breaching their faith in the name of god or Christianity and hence these guidelines set forth by the provider is welcomed rather than choosing another regular health policy and defying one’s own beliefs.

Christians also feel that their money is not being wasted by investing them in these materialistic companies rather it is being put to good use of helping other brothers and sisters. Christian health Insurance may appear like an angel send by God to the unemployed evangelical families that seek medical coverage. Many of these Christian health insurance companies are non profit making organizations and work solely for the cause of securing the Christian’s health.

Promoting the Religion

People who teach Christianity or particularly Christian schools are the prime prospects for Christian health insurance coverage. These types of schools often get no or bare minimum assistance from government and subsequently suffer the consequences in terms of receiving small amount paychecks.

The Christian health insurance companies extend a helping hand to such teachers or school workers who other wise are in no position to acquire a health insurance. The insurance companies also offer special support to all churchgoers in an effort to promote the religious education and training to next generation.

We may see the Christian insurance company as a beneficial organization for many if not all national population. However one may never forget the fact these companies or organizations have been quite a landmark in providing and promoting health insurance to people who otherwise were quite skeptical to the idea.

Updated: April 17, 2019 — 8:19 am

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