Creating a Web Hosting, first Steps

Creating a website can be a challenge in and of its self but doing a great website on a free hosting site can be even tougher depending on the hosting site being used. There are some simple tips which can be used to create the best page for your business but still use a free web hosting site.

Picking your page Template

Aside from choosing your site name and setting up the type of site you will be creating picking your template is the first step in creating a great website. This template will set the tone from you home page throughout your entire site. It is important that your site template matches the purpose and tone of your business. If you are a cupcake business and you choose a template for a construction business there will be some confusion about what your business really offers. So the appropriate template for the cupcake bakery would be something bubbly and fun with bright colors.

Another reason why your template is so important when creating your web page in a free hosting site is because that template will also set how many pages you will have and how they are structured. So if you know you would like to have six pages on your site then making sure you have a template which will support six pages is a good idea; otherwise you may find yourself short a few pages and not able to add more pages without paying for the site.

Ordering your Pages

The order of your pages is not always set in stone. The only one which seems to never change in order is the home page. This should always be first. The following is a suggested flow of pages for a great website.

Home page

The information which goes on the home page is a basic summery of the other pages in your site. This information should be brief but keep the visitor interested and make them want to explore your site more.

Services page

This is a page where your company has the place to shine. Your list of services and a bit about each service should go on this page; along with pricing. This information should be enough to be helpful to the customer or visitor in making decisions about using your business instead of someone else’s.

About Us page

This page is all about your business and the owners. This page should be full of background information and how when and where the company was founded. About Us pages tend to make a company a little more personal to the customer so there should be some information that will assist your customers in identifying with the business.

Web Store Page

This is where your business should have the ability to purchase the products or services they have read about on another page. Free web hosting sites sometimes will limit the amount of items you can offer so make sure you found out what the rule is there.

Contact Us page

This page is where all the contact information should be found for your company. Phone number, address, contact person and other such information. You can also have a form embedded into this page for customers to send an email to contact you or your company as well.

Knowing these two things are the most important parts of creating any website but most paid sites will assist you in these set ups. However a free web hosting site may not. Have fun with creating your own web site.

Updated: April 17, 2019 — 9:01 am

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