Christian Health Insurance Companies

The sole motive of taking any insurance is to reduce the monetary stress on any individual in short as well as long run. Similarly the Christian Health Insurance Companies also strive to lessen the huge demand of medical services and also the cost it causes to its members. On the other hand these Christian health insurance companies also aim for improving the health related habits and knowledge of its members.

This ensures that members are able to think appropriately regarding their health and take decision accordingly. However one should not forget that Christian health insurance companies only accept and provide health care facilities to members who worship and acknowledge Jesus Christ as their God and pursue a biblical lifestyle as described in the mission and Scriptures.

These Christian health insurance companies are very proactive in their acts and share the medical clauses with their members stringently. As a result the Christian members are more educated as per their health programs. These companies successfully boast of their membership being much healthier as compared to the national population.

Christian health insurance providers have certain ground rules and terms which are strictly abided with while issuing insurance. They do not offer membership to people who are overweight or suffering with obesity, they should not consume any type of tobacco product, should not use alcohol products, drugs, should not be engaged any type of irregular sexual activity etc.

Being proactive in all above areas proves quite beneficial for them and hence Christian health insurance companies file claims for quite few medical bills.

Christian health care insurance companies confidently assert that millions of Christians are saving an enormous amount of money by opting to these healthcare alternatives. They also argue that in this way a Christian is not only benefitted by the low cost and extensive healthcare coverage, but they also realize that there is a spiritual blessing in helping each other.

It gives them peach of mind that all brothers and sisters are there for each other in tough times. There are more than five plans circulated by Christian health insurance companies in this regard in south. However the three largest companies are situated in Barberton, Ohio. Unlike other insurance companies, the Christian health insurance company promotes and educate the members the benefit of a healthy life rather than just securing claims and policies.

The cost of these so called – ‘church plans’ offered by Christian health insurance companies are quite less in comparison to any regular insurance policy premium, also they are both quite economic and religious in nature too. There are many Christians who would like to secure an health insurance plan but often do not qualify as per the terms of the insurance company, Christian health insurance company plans appeal to such members as the terms are not defined totally monetarily.

Though there are many types of plan however the basic premise of each plan remains the same being that the member would be sending a monthly check of $200 to $400 along with his medical bills either to the plan or to the plan member directly. The Christian health insurance company sometimes asks these members to send a card or letter to people who need them.

These Christian health insurance companies have most of the characteristics similar to other insurance organizations i.e. an advisory board, negotiating discounts from hospitals, deductibles etc. The basic aim of these Christian health insurance organizations is to initiate a voluntary arrangement between like minded people to share their expenses and efforts as per the requirements. As said by the New Testament exhortation that “Bear ye one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ.

Updated: April 17, 2019 — 8:15 am

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