Christian Health Care Plan

Christian health insurance plans are very popular and many people are benefited from them. Almost 120,000 people have benefited from these plans. Christian health insurance plans are available for regular church goers, who are certified by their pastors. These plans cover only conditions that will afflict a person in future, not any pre existing conditions. Christian Health Insurance also does not cover diseases like AIDS, obesity etc.

Christian sharing plans like Christian Brotherhood, Medi-Share, and Samaritan Ministries are plans, where members pay the administrative fee, as well as share other burdens etc. Galatians 6 states that one should share burden of other people and that ways go on way prescribed by Lord Jesus Christ. These insurance plans are not regulated by any laws.

You must understand that these plans are not pure insurance plans. They are just plans which will share health care costs, so that those without any jobs, unemployed people, and pastors can also get health care covers. Christian Sharing plans for Health Care charge about USH 400 per month with a deductible of USD 250, in which your hospital gets paid in full.

Most of these plans are run with a moral aim and are meant to help people who can’t afford normal health insurance covers. Some of the sharing plans are not right though and are means of fraud also. It is really sad that some of the people running such organizations tend to leave their brethren high and dry, when health care payments are needed.

Most of the people who have enrolled for Christian Sharing plans for Health care have benefited enormously. Still, more accountability and regulation for such companies is required. Some Christian Sharing health care plans have been subject to law suites also.

Christian sharing health care plans are only for people who are non smokers, do not drink excessively, are heterosexual, avoid extra marital affairs etc. Christian sharing health care plan are for people who wish to live a healthy life according to Bible and will stay away from sin. These people get not only a monetary cover but with an emotional support. People who enroll for these sharing health care plans share both financial as well as emotional burden for people.

The catch in enrolling for a Christian Sharing health care plan is that they do not cover abortions, Obesity related diseases, high risk spots injuries etc. If you enroll for these plans, you will have a limited sharing in first few months. These plans also avoid cover for some preventive procedures. Women, who enroll for this plan, will not be covered for infertility procedures.

Christian Sharing Health care Plans are excellent choice for people who do not get any other cover and will like to avoid paying whole healthcare costs from their own pockets. One another benefit is improvement in lifestyle. These plans ensure that people live a healthy and moral life.

Updated: April 17, 2019 — 8:17 am

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