Car donation or auto donation is a very popular

Car donation or auto donation is a very popular form of vehicle donations beside truck donations, boat, airplane, RV….in United States. Car donation is not only done as an act of humanity but also as a tax saving tool. After donating car to charity,  vehicle charity  or fundraiser usually sells or auctions  charity car and uses generated money  for charitable activity or just fix the donation car and give it to needy people. But there are some serious issues which we try to clarify them in this website and definitely make you take precaution.

Why “Car Donation” ?

Tax saving, Act of humanity, Disposing unwanted car. The definition of word “Charity Donation” is all about helping people in need  which government rewards you by tax benefits. So if you benefit  your used car donation  or in other hand, you get benefit of disposing your unwanted car at least make sure  needy people get what the whole thing has been made for. This is a win-win situation, we believe. Probably you’ll be surprised to know only %10 – %30 or even less of vehicle donation  proceeds use for what really need to be used. This is the main point of the whole story of car donation subject.

This is the reason for creating this website. To clarifying vehicle donation programs, linking you to qualified car donation charities, donor’s responsibilities, opening forum for sharing donor’s experiences about car donation charities or specific fundraiser issues, difference between car donation charity and fundraiser, car donation processing, how to avoid car donation scams, latest tips and news . So let’s make a deal, we try to share all we know and  you do your part well done.

Car Donation Processing:

For doing whole thing right, you should go through 4 basic principles:

  • Check out the vehicle donation charity (Make sure, you pick the right one).
  • Donor’s  responsibilities, when does car donations.
  • If tax exemption is one of the reasons to donate car, make sure you’ll get it.
  • IDonor must claim charity car fair market value (FMV).

Most new charities or fund raisers do their vehicle donations processing by internet which calls online donation. Most fund raisers are big profit companies, which handle car donation processing (pickup,…selling donated cars) and pass the percentage to charities. So this business is a big profit one, be picky and you won’t regret doing your car donation.

Updated: April 17, 2019 — 9:37 am

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